tribe martial arts

We started Tribe Martial Arts Foundation as a community-based
initiative that has evolved over the last two years into an expansive program providing women, children & young boys from our Surrounding rural areas of Diepsloot, Alexandra, Orange Grove & Uthando, with high-level Martial Arts.

We, coach, & teach women self-defence & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to help with and mitigate serious gender-based violence issues in their areas. We are mentoring ladies with leadership potential to become female coaches of a high standard to be able to start small training groups or schools within their environment to teach and coach self-defence and Brazilian Jiujitsu in their respective areas, as well as the added benefit of becoming entrepreneurs by running their own small martial arts school businesses.

We are coaching & Teaching their children of all ages self-defence,
anti-bullying techniques & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Building confidence,
strength & courage in a positive Martial Arts structure & environment while being graded & progressed in an international structure that has formal grading and progress.

We are coaching, teaching & mentoring young boys & young men, from rural & underprivileged areas, with the potential to become high-level martial arts coaches with the objective to coach, teach martial arts & run their own schools.

We are coaching, teaching & mentoring young boys & young men, from rural & underprivileged areas, with the potential to become professional high-level martial artists & Combat Sports Athletes, as well as to build long-term paying careers in professional sustainable combat sports, that compete locally and internationally.

We endeavor on a long-term generational plan & structure to offer women, children & young boys to young men alternative solutions, opportunities, martial arts morals, martial arts values & community through high-level martial arts, coaching skills, teaching ability, and professional competition. Ultimately developing the skill & knowledge to build & run their own schools & martial arts businesses, to train & compete in professional paying combat sports, all while building confidence and courage against bullying & prevalent gender-based violence.

Sustainability of This programme

Sustainability of this programme has been practiced and consistent for almost two years with little to no logistical or learning issues. Clarifying the effectiveness, progress, growth & scalability projection of the program. 

QuanWessels Martial Arts Academy has agreed to commit to & provide support & sustainability in all the roles of coaching, grading, teaching & transfer of knowledge that QuanWessels Martial Arts Academy Specialises in. Africa Tikkun has committed to providing transport to the elected students on Saturdays as part of the gender-based violence community initiatives as their Non-Profit Organisation’s activities & community responsibilities. 

Meet The Founders


Rich and Chef have been involved with and competing in combat sports & martial arts at the highest level from an early age.

Together they founded FightFit Militia early in 2006 and embarked on a journey to create Africa’s premier Mixed Martial Arts Community and Africa’s most successful Mixed Martial Arts team, producing numerous champions across various promotions. 

They are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belts & owners/founders of Quan Wessels Martial Arts Academy South Africa.
They earned their black belts under the direct lineage of Professor Luiz Saldanha & Master Carlos Gracie Jnr & now under the legendary Ruben Charles “Cobrinha”. 

They maintain a constantly evolving, progressive & dynamic coaching methodology, based on modern techniques and old-world martial arts culture where learning & community forms the core of QuanWessels values. 

Chef & Rich are highly regarded as the most successful coaches on the African Continent. They have traveled the world; training, competing, learning, teaching, and bringing knowledge home to their academy to enrich all students and community members. All aimed at investing in future generational planning with our future champs children’s programmes, community classes and elite-level combat athlete development and so much more.